Corey Epstein is a fashion photographer, designer, and creative director based in Los Angeles, CA. He cut his teeth in the world of photography and design in high school, shooting parties, concerts, and events, as well as moonlighting as a DJ in his hometown, Denver, CO. Eager to highlight Denver’s rich fashion, music, and cultural landscape, Corey launched Denver’s first-ever and only glossy lifestyle magazine, now known as 303. The magazine was so well received that its publisher purchased it from Epstein just two issues into its life.


Having established a talent for creating a concept and mood, Corey plunged into the world of web design before moving to Los Angeles, where he started his first fashion brand, DSTLD.


DSTLD was founded and designed with the Creative Class in mind. It is a reflection of a desire to be stylish but understated. Creatives, like musicians, architects, and designers, appreciate quality and minimalism, which can only be achieved through a line of staple pieces that are produced using quality ingredients. We don’t need a luxury label to define ourselves. People who are expressing themselves through their creations don’t want labels. -- Founder, Corey Epstein


From DSTLD’s inception, Corey has spearheaded all creative aspects of the label, including the design and deployment of the website, shooting editorial, and guiding the brand’s overall aesthetic and merchandising.


When he’s not running the day-to-day operations of DSTLD, Corey focuses his creative energy into music and photography. He works regularly with some of New York’s and LA’s top modeling agencies, shoots both magazine and brand editorials, and has worked with a wide variety of talent, including musicians, athletes, and celebrities.